Natural Remedies for Cognitive Decline


Eventually, cognitive-decline happens to almost everyone. You enter a room and can’t remember why. You misplace your keys, fumble for a word, or can’t put a name to a familiar face. You might even experience a noticeable, albeit very slight, delay between deciding to do something and doing it—when changing lanes on a highway, for example. Any of these could be explained away by the fast pace and high stress of the lives we lead.

Or they could be the first signs of a medical condition fraught with complications known as mild cognitive impairment.

All aging humans will develop some degree of decline in cognitive capacity as time progresses. As time marches on, a variety of symptoms associated with aging, such as forgetfulness, decreased ability to maintain focus, and decreased problem solving capability occur in virtually everyone. If left unchecked, symptoms oftentimes progress into more serious conditions, such as dementia and depression, or even Alzheimer’s disease.

Cognitive decline does not affect all individuals equally; clear associations exist between the rate and severity of cognitive decline and a variety of factors, including oxidative stress and free radical damage, chronic low-level inflammation, declining hormone levels, endothelial dysfunction, excess body weight, poor nutrition, lifestyle, social network, other medical conditions, and various biomarkers.

Fortunately, many of these factors are modifiable to a significant extent, and proactive lifestyle changes, cognitive training, and nutritional interventions have been shown to decrease the rate of intellectual decay and potentially reverse age-related cognitive decline.

At the Rochester Holistic Center, we will run a number of lab tests to detect nutrition status, offer recommendations for repleting any missing nutrients, and offer supplements that have been scientifically validated to improve cognition.