Product Description

A DNA test with gene sequencing on four genes that encode fat sensitivity, insulin resistance, glucose balance, and your physiological response to exercise, resulting in a full report of your genotype and how to interpret the results for fitness success.

No more fitness struggles! Get to the CORE of your fabulous body. At the center of it all lives your DNA and the essential knowledge of how to optimize your body. Your Body's analysis will be the playbook for your nutrition and fitness goals for a lifetime.

"This weight loss program is different because once you take the genetic test, you're done. You never have to get the test done again because your DNA is never going to change! Once you get the results, those results last a lifetime. This program eliminates stress over what foods to eat because you know what foods your body can handle. With these results, you know what exercise that will be more time-saving for you. You can save money by spending money on the RIGHT supplements. So, no more wasting money on supplements that don't work for you." Read more here.