Functional Medicine/Nutrition

Rochester Holistic Center offers a patient-centered, team approach to help our patients achieve optimal health using Functional Nutrition. Functional Nutrition seeks to address the way food affects the body on a cellular level. Our nutritionists have the ability to meet our health challenges using food as medicine in myriad ways. Nutrition is an integral part of the functional medicine focus of Rochester Holistic Center.

Specific nutrients are essential for proper detoxification, healthy genetic expression, energy, focus, attention, mental health, thyroid function; virtually every bodily process relies on proper nutrition. We can prevent illness as well as mitigate many ailments simply using the appropriate nutrition and supplementation.

Our Functional Medicine/Nutrition specialties include:

*thyroid function

*chronic fatigue syndrome

*anxiety and depression

*autoimmune conditions

*weight loss using full-sequence genetic testing to provide a fail-safe protocol




Recent accolades from practitioners and patients:

“Thank you so much for figuring out what was wrong with me. I’ve looked for 12 years for the answer to my medical problems and it took you less than an hour!” LH, patient

“In four days, you took away arthritis pain I’ve had for months!” MB, patient

“One month on your protocol did the trick! I have NO more hip pain! I haven’t golfed in FIVE years! I can golf again! THANK YOU!” LEK, patient